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Alexx posted on
2 day ago

Very Interesting Photos -15 pics

Very Interesting Photos
Alexx posted on
Apr 22, 2017

Street Art That Made Clever Use Of Its Natural Surroundings.

Street art isn't always commissioned. Some artists decide to provide the public...
Alexx posted on
Apr 11, 2017

Pet Sitters Who Are Obviously Having Way Too Much Fun With It.

Owning a pet is awesome, but a lot of work. People like to compare raising a pet to...
Alexx posted on
Mar 24, 2017

The World’s Biggest Chicken Would Totally Kick Colonel Sanders’s Ass.

A video of a certain chicken was recently released last weekend and has gone viral ever...
Alexx posted on
Mar 1, 2017

99-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested By Police To Finish Off Her Bucket List.

Browse through anyone's bucket list and you'll likely find things like owning a...
Alexx posted on
Feb 23, 2017

This Color-Changing Hair Dye Will Turn You Into A Human Chameleon.

Women and men who love to colour their hair, sometimes need to take a break. Despite...
Alexx posted on
Feb 18, 2017

No One Was Going To Rescue This Kitty… So She Decided To Rescue Herself.

There are points in our lives where we are thrown challenges, difficult times where our...
Alexx posted on
Feb 18, 2017

This Friendship Between A Cat And His Bird Pal Is What The World Needs Today.

Every living being has two types of families, one he is born into and the other he...
Alexx posted on
Feb 16, 2017

Dog Abandoned Outside A Shelter With A Sign Just Wants Someone To Love.

A dog can be your ideal companion. There is no creature in this world that can give you...
Alexx posted on
Feb 16, 2017

Rescued Kitten And Orphaned Rhino Have The Cutest Bond Ever.

Animals who are poached, hunted for body parts or sports are part of a herd, or have a...

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