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Alexx posted on
Nov 6, 2016

Call Of Duty Is Now A Porn Parody!

The release of Infinite Warfare may be imminent but in the meantime gamers are being...
Alexx posted on
Nov 5, 2016

Guy Makes Low Cost Cosplays And It Is Hilarious (59 pics)

Alexx posted on
Nov 4, 2016

Only a true gamer would understand these things (28 Photos)

Alexx posted on
Nov 2, 2016

Stunning Cosplay Photography That Will Drop Your Jaw (41 pics)

Alexx posted on
Oct 2, 2016

All of the zodiac signs drawn in an amazing demonic concept

An artist drew a concept images of zodiac signs as if they were demons. Great art!
Alexx posted on
Sep 12, 2016

33 Memes And Photos To Make You Laugh - Gallery

A little cute, wtf and lolz for your enjoyment.
Alexx posted on
Apr 21, 2016

12 tình huống hài hước chỉ game thủ chân chính mới có thể hiểu

Game thủ là một công việc khó khăn vì không ai...
Bố Già posted on
Apr 19, 2016

20 khoảnh khắc cosplay đỉnh nhất vs thảm họa nhất bạn cần phải xem

Đây là danh sách 20 màn biểu diễn cosplay tuyệt vời nhất...

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