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Alexx posted on
Nov 8, 2016

Couple legally changed their names to Santa and Merry Christmas Claus

Santa and Merry Christmas Claus By: Wayne Morin (Scroll down for video) A fun-loving...
Alexx posted on
Nov 8, 2016

Woman runs over her estranged husband after coming out of divorce court before jumping to her death from bridge

Divorce (illustration) By: Chan Yuan (Scroll down for video) A woman was in distress...
Alexx posted on
Nov 7, 2016

These weird facts about kissing will leave you gushing

Kissing! That truest form of expression of love, made passionate and charming by an...
Alexx posted on
Nov 5, 2016

Woman stalks former boyfriend by calling him more than 16,000 times

Woman on phone (illustration) By: Wayne Morin A woman was arrested on a charge of...
Alexx posted on
Nov 5, 2016

Woman records herself killing her 1-year-old son because she thought her boyfriend was cheating with another woman

Christian Clark with her boyfriend and children By: Wayne Morin (Scroll down for video)...
Alexx posted on
Oct 12, 2016

13 girls confess the reason of having sex on the first date

Can not stop laughing.
Alexx posted on
Oct 12, 2016

12 beautiful photos that prove love has no age limit

By now, everyone knows that age is just a number. As you fall in love and get older,...
Alexx posted on
Oct 10, 2016

18 Awkward And Funny Wedding Moments

What happens to these wedding?
Alexx posted on
Oct 7, 2016

American woman discovers that her Husband is actually her Grandfather

A 24-year-old American woman was left in a ‘terrible shock’ when she...
Alexx posted on
Oct 4, 2016

Girl faints after boyfriend proposes to her

This girl got swept off her feet by her boyfriend when he proposed to her, literally.

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