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Alexx posted on
Nov 8, 2016

12-year-old boy rapes his 9-year-old sister 6 times after watching incest porn

Brother and sister (illustration) By: Wayne Morin A 12-year-old boy was arrested on a...
Alexx posted on
Nov 7, 2016

These People Took Apart An Old RV And Turned It Into A Totally Sustainable Home On Wheels

Have you ever just wanted to pack up your home, drive off, and live on the open road?...
Alexx posted on
Nov 6, 2016

13 Superb Tricks for Bringing Order to Your Home and Saving Loads of Time

Cleaning is something you often need a lot of determination for. Sometimes, we have...
Alexx posted on
Nov 1, 2016

Dad Of The Year Brings Trick Or Treating To His Daughter On A Flight

This Dad Makes Halloween-To-Go On Flight
Alexx posted on
Oct 21, 2016

Some Of The Best Parts Of Being A Parent Are Messing With Your Kids-16 Pics

I want to get married right now.

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